Tuesday, 10 March 2009

Day 069: We'll Always have Paris!!!

Ahhhh we will always have Paris.

Todays shot was taken whilst on a Day Trip to Paris with Tom Alex and Scott. We just flew into Paris Beauvois for the day. After supping a pint at 5am in Prestwick Airport we then headed over the channel with Ryanair and arrived in Paris Beauvois where we headed into town and spent the day visiting the sites mainly some very quaint streets, the cathedral and of course some nice wee cafes.

One of which we seemed to become friends with a very nice french man who on seeing all our camera gear decided to recollect most of his photographic experiences to us. And took us on a wee tour to see a few interesting statues!!! This was shot down one of the little side streets!!
Made me think of a certain someone :)

This was the same show with the boys outside :)

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