Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Day 062: Got Milk

Hmmmm today's picture was a BIT of a moral dilemma.

Whilst I was out meeting Charlie for lunch I took wee detour on the way home just for an explore. I pulled into a side street round the corner from Asda and was just waiting when a Grahams milk lorry went by and a cage of milk came flying out of the side door. SO picture the scene about 30 lots of 4 pint milk strewn across the road and a cage in the middle of the road.

My dilemma was A) Jump out of the car and get a picture of all the milk and the cage in the middle of the road or B) Stop a possible accident by removing cage and get all the milk out of the road.
I opted for B. SO this is the scene after the cage was removed and the milk bottles tidied up (you can see a few blue lids if you look close).

So good photo??....maybe not ....I think the image of the milk and the cage would have looked cool. But good Samaritan and good deed for the day?? I hope so.......

PS Colin says a real photographer would have taken a pic THEN helped :(


  1. You'll never make a photo-journalist Morrell.

    Option C - stand back wait for the accident, take picture, help the injured, sell pic to local rag. Quids in and Karma intact ;-)

  2. Or......take the picture of the cage, then leave it for someone to crash into and then get an even better picture!