Monday, 23 February 2009

Day 054: 2 for 1

Okay so today in for a rare treat I could not decide on which picture to post so today we have a 54A and B.

The first shot is of Charlie and her wee sister Natasha. I was lucky enough to be invited along to Charlies shoot with Tom today to sit in, It was at Duncans studio in Pumpherston area, and along with myself there was Charlie, Natahsa, Tom and Alex with Duncan popping back towards the end. I was able to get a few wee pics of Charlie and a couple of her and her sis. So here is the first.

Next, we all decided to get a shot of ALL of us. So using a 10 second exposure Tom set the camera on the tripod and held the trigger for the lights in his hands and we all jumped around like fools.
So in the photo we have Charlie, Keith, Natasha, Tom, Alex and Duncan. This was my fave I think for a few reasons,
Firstly there are a good few shots of all of us. And secondly Charlies facial expression top right is awesome!!

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